The Crusader of Mental Health

Entry into Psychiatry & NIMHANS

After passing the MBBS course, a student has to work as an intern or ‘house surgeon’ for one year in the hospital attached to the college. While working as house surgeon in Bangalore Medical College (BMC), CRC would feel that he should do his post graduation in whichever specialty he was currently assigned to. This motivation came from seeing the working of senior doctors in the hospital. In March 1973 he completed his term as house surgeon and was admitted to the Karnataka Medical Council. He was now faced with the question as to what he should pursue next.
The Karnataka government invited applications for the position of assistant surgeons. He applied and was called for interview. It was rumored that it was necessary to pay a bribe to be selected. He chose not to pay and was rejected after the interview. He applied to the mission hospital in Chennapatna, but got no reply.
Unable to get a job, he thought of doing senior house surgeoncy in general medicine on honorary basis, just to gain experience. Dr. Rangamani and Dr. Pundalika of Dr Basavarajendra’s General Medicine unit in BMC insisted that he should join their unit. Dr. Basavarajendra was known as a good physician, but due to his ego, hot temper and habit of reprimanding the staff, he was not popular. CRC learnt from him to make the treatment of patients as his first priority, and to be independent as far as possible by being able to conduct diagnostic tests himself.