The Crusader of Mental Health

The Influence of Teachers

There were many lecturers and professors who influenced him during his MBBS, either through their knowledge or their nature and values. The most important person in this list was Prof. N S Parthasarathy, the Anatomy professor. Students feared him for he was a tough examiner and short tempered; he was punctual to the minute in his class; he did not allow students who were late to enter the class, and he insisted that students wear shoes to college. CRC admired him for his discipline and dedication to work. He used to draw anatomy figures on the class room board perfectly like an artist. He later became the principal of the college.

D S Shivappa was the Pharmacology professor. His lectures were delivered in a monotone, and were insipid; students used to doze through his class. He wrote the first English to Kannada thesaurus of 40,000 medical terms. He presented a copy to CRC and encouraged him to write on medical science in Kannada. He was called the creator of medical terms, “Vaidya Shabda Brahma”. He loved Kannada language and would coin pure Kannada words for highly technical terms in English. He wrote many medical articles for Sudha magazine and started the trend of doctors writing medical articles for lay people in Kannada. He wrote books on medical science also motivated other doctors to write books; he got these books published at nominal price by the publications division of Bangalore University.