The Crusader of Mental Health


I am indebted to my sister, Lalita Rao, who has been a counselor in Samadhana for over 4 years and introduced me to Dr. Chandrashekar. When I approached CRC for writing this book, I was not sure about his reaction. When I told him, he simply nodded and said I was free to translate from his autobiography, Hita Anahita in Kannada. I was surprised and told him that it would entail his giving me time for interviews. I am deeply thankful to him for giving me time whenever I wanted to meet him and share his articles.
Unfortunately none of us children can read Kannada, though our mother was a Kannada writer. I am grateful to Mrs. Seethalakshmi, Mrs. Bhagyalakshmi and Mrs. Savitha Umesh for reading the book to me and explaining parts I could not understand.
I feel moved and humbled that three people – two clients and a counselor – shared their personal stories without any reservations. They have gone through very challenging times, but emerged stronger.
While all the events and case stories are based on real life, names of clients and counselors have been changed to protect their privacy.

About the Author
Anand Rao has a B.Tech. from Regional Engineering College, Tiruchirapalli and a PGDM from IIM, Ahmedabad. He worked for 25 years in marketing function in software companies. He consults on digital marketing and has written short stories. He lives in Bangalore and can be reached at