The Crusader of Mental Health

Reflections on God, Faith

People often confront him with his advocacy against blind beliefs and challenge him on his take on God : “Sir, you tell people that evil spirits and ghosts do not exist. You say that black magic and tantric practices are hoax. You ask us not to believe in astrology and power of planets to influence destiny. What is your opinion on God’s existence? Do you believe in God?”

He has a ready and clear answer to this. He does believe in God, but it is good to have faith. When a person is faced with difficult situations in life, and feels helpless, faith in God gives strength to face and overcome challenges. It is fine to be an atheist, but you need to be very strong in mind. There are many people who try to exploit people in the name of God; he cautions people not to fall into their trap. Many temples have become commercial and places where God is bribed. When faced with difficulty or misfortune, he says pray to God; God is in you, in your own house; you need not go to a temple, church or masjid to pray.

In his own life, he has witnessed miracles and the grace of God. He was born into a family which belonged to a backward caste, was not very well off and no one had attended college. Despite his limited talents, he became a psychiatrist and is well known through his numerous books, speeches, articles, and had a successful career as teacher, doctor and researcher. He believes that he owes this to God’s grace.

In 1996, they booked a pilgrimage tour to Chardham spots in Uttarakhand. Just two weeks before the date of journey, his mother, who had cancer of the uterus, started bleeding. CRC was in Athens on work. Chemotherapy was started. Rajeshwari took her to the doctor and asked if the treatment could be resumed after their pilgrimage. The doctor warned her that massive bleeding could start during the long journey and they would not any hospital nearby. A social worker, who had accompanied them, argued with the doctor that the doctor did not understand the significance of pilgrimage to Kashi, Badrinath and Kedarnath for a Hindu. She suggested that the family could go on the trip and start treatment on return. When CRC returned from his trip, his mother told him that she would put herself in God’s hands and nothing would happen to her. Amazingly, during the trip of 22 days, his mother did not have any bleeding and was the most active among the three of them.

His mantra, which he teaches everybody and follows himself is MENTAL HEALTH:
M : Minimize your needs. Lead a simple life
E : Expect less
N : Avoid negative thoughts
T : Today is important. Stop worrying about yesterday or tomorrow
A : Accept and adapt to reality
L : Learn to face adverse life events

H : cultivate hobbies
E : Enjoy your work and responsibilities
A : Appreciate goodness in everybody and be Active
L : Keep learning always. Love everyone
T : set achievable targets for yourself
H : Maintain good health through proper diet and exercise. Follow a Healthy lifestyle.
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